Inter-Spinous Devices/Clamps

There are many brands of this type of device. They are essentially a spacer between the spinous processes in the back for treatment of the symptoms of neurogenic claudication from lumbar stenosis. In other words, the device separates the spinous processes from the very back of the spine, stretches the ligaments inside the canal where the nerve routes pass, and this takes some pressure off the nerve roots. Although originally used only for spinal stenosis, these clamps are increasingly being used to provide a lower stiffness fusion at the decompressed level. Hence, in older patients without very active life-styles, the surgeon may suggest an Inter-Spinous clamp/device to create increased rigidity at that level after decompression of the level’s nerves. This surgery has been shown to be helpful and has a lower morbidity and recuperation period associated with it. All the surgeons at the Inland Neurosurgery Institute are trained in the use of such devices. The exact use of the device is very patient specific and hence your physician will discuss with you when and why the device may be needed.

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In December of 2011, Dr. AmirNovin performed my C5-6 and C6-7 discectomy and fusion. Having never had a surgery prior to this, I was fearful and full of questions. From the initial consultation through the final follow up appointment, Dr. AmirNovin demonstrated patience, professionalism, compassion, and expertise. I had immediate confidence in him, which turned out to be well placed. I have been pain-free since and am grateful for his work. In the past year, I have referred two family members to him, both of whom have had fully successful lumbar surgeries and the same excellent care beforehand and afterward. I recommend his services and those of the efficient and helpful INI office staff wholeheartedly!

November 13, 2013