About the Inland Neurosurgery Institute (INI):

Dr. Colin McDonald began the practice in 1965 and was later joined by Dr. David Brown, both of whom trained at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Scott Lederhaus joined the practice in 1986. Dr. McDonald and Dr. Brown retired in the early 1990’s. Hence, Dr. Lew Disney joined the practice in 1991 and Dr. Jose Rodriguez joined the practice in 1994. Together (with Dr. Lederhaus) they formed the LDR Neurosurgery Group. Dr. Ramin AmirNovin later joined the practice in July 2007 to meet the increasing area needs. Shortly thereafter, the group was renamed to the Inland Neurosurgery Institute (INI) to better reflect the breadth and depth of care provided by its four physicians and the network of care takers they are associated with. The practice has consistently been known as the group for a balanced approach to patient care. Dr. Aaron Cutler brought his tumor expertise to the group in 2014. Later, in 2017, Dr. Siraj Gibani joined the group, adding further spine expertise. Dr. Richard Young joined INI from UCLA’s highly esteemed Neurointerventional/Neuroendovascular Surgery CAST Certified Fellowship in 2018.
The Neurological Surgeons at this institute take pride in caring for their patients from diagnosis to surgery and to long-term follow-up. Hence the INI is routinely referred patients from the surroundings cities and states. All patients are consistently seen and followed closely by an experienced surgeon, instead of a resident or a “physician extender”. Hence the group has been well regarded by the area physicians and families. Most of the area’s healthcare providers (nurses and doctors) obtain their own neurosurgical needs through this office. Many families have had several generations receive care through this institute.
INI: From left to right, Drs. Scott Lederhaus, Lew Disney, Jose Rodriguez, Ramin AmirNovin, Aaron Cutler, and Siraj Gibani
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