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Lateral Interbody Fusion

Inland Neurosurgery Institute (INI)

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Lateral interbody fusion is one of the many surgical techniques the skilled neurosurgeons at Inland Neurosurgery Institute (INI) use to treat back problems. When performing the lateral interbody fusion, the neurosurgeons use minimally invasive tools and techniques to reduce post-surgical pain and recovery time. To schedule a spine surgery consultation, call the office in Pomona or Arcadia, California, or request an appointment online today.

Lateral Interbody Fusion Q & A

What is a lateral interbody fusion?

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A lateral interbody fusion is a surgical technique the experts at Inland Neurosurgery Institute use to remove intervertebral discs and perform a spinal fusion. Inland Neurosurgery Institute refers to lateral interbody fusion as extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF). 

During the procedure, the surgeons approach your spine from the lateral side, which is the side of your body. With this approach, your neurosurgeon has better access to the disc space and can better address the spinal problem.

For a lateral interbody fusion, your neurosurgeon removes the damaged disc, implants a bone spacer, and secures your spine with metal plates and screws. The bone spacer contains bone grafting material that encourages the two vertebrae to fuse together, forming one solid piece of bone. 

Fusing of your vertebrae prevents painful movements and improves spine stability. 

What conditions benefit from lateral interbody fusion?

Inland Neurosurgery Institute performs the lateral interbody fusion to treat many spine conditions. This includes:

However, the neurological surgeons at Inland Neurosurgery Institute only perform minimally invasive spine surgery, including techniques like XLIF, when noninvasive medical intervention fails to provide significant relief from symptoms. 

What are the benefits of lateral interbody fusion?

Inland Neurosurgery Institute is a top-rated neurosurgical practice and uses minimally invasive tools and techniques whenever possible because of the benefits it offers to you and the surgeon. 

Benefits of the lateral interbody fusion at Inland Neurosurgery Institute include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Minimal tissue damage or disruption
  • Better access to the disc space
  • Minimal postoperative pain
  • Quicker recovery after surgery

The neurosurgeons at Inland Neurosurgery Institute also prefer this approach because it gives them greater access and visibility to the damaged area of your spine. With this approach, they also have better success at improving spinal alignment. 

When indicated, the lateral interbody fusion can be life-changing. The neurosurgeons at Inland Neurosurgery Institute can talk to you about your spine surgery options and help you decide what might work best for you.

Schedule your lateral interbody fusion consultation at Inland Neurosurgery Institute by calling the office or requesting an appointment online today.