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Spinal Procedures

At Inland Neurosurgery Institute, we specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery with a focus on achieving the best outcomes for our patients. Spinal problems can be complex, and in each case, our spine doctors near Los Angeles carefully consider your long-term quality of life. This ensures effective, personalized care for every patient, with less pain and faster recovery times. To learn more, read about some of the spine surgery procedures we specialize in below.

Lumbar Discectomy

Lumbar discectomy is a procedure that removes part of a problematic disc in the low back. This procedure is commonly used when a herniated, or ruptured, disc in the low back is putting pressure on a nerve root.

Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Lumbar Interbody Fusion remains a operation done frequently for the treatment of severe low back pain, spinal instability and certain nerve root compression syndromes as the most common indications for this procedure.

Cervical Discectomy Fusion

Cervical discectomy fusion is done to treat nerve root or cervical spinal cord compression. It is a very effective procedure when a specific diagnosis of a cervical root or cord compression is diagnosed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pinched nerve in the hand which causes hand pain, numbness and tingling. This problem can arise in both hands. It is a very common procedure done by neurosurgeons.

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