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Cervical Disc Replacement

There are several brands of cervical disc replacements available. They are all similar in their performance profiles. They are FDA approved for treatment of patients with good bone quality and symptomatic degenerative cervical spine disease in up to 2 levels of the neck.

The ten year follow up on this technology shows it to be as effective as the cervical fusion (gold standard) surgery. Disc replacements are superior to cervical fusions (ACDF) in terms of maintaining motion at the level of the surgery. Studies also suggest there is a higher rate of adjacent disc disease in patients who undergo fusions compared to those who have disc replacements.

Unfortunately, the disc replacement seems to have a higher rate of revision compared to the fusion surgery. Your highly qualified surgeons at INI will help you decide which surgery (disc replacement versus ACDF) is in your best interest based on the specific complexities of your case (including your age, medical history, bone quality, extent of bony overgrowth, and past surgeries).

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